28 January 2011

Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

             When I got my Masters in Education in 1999, I thought I had found my lifetime calling to teach the books that influenced my careers and studies in writing and literature. The NYU Masters program taught me the theories, foundations and practices of education and kept me on the pedagogical route to higher understanding. However, when I decided to take a job abroad and I jumped into the depths of demanding IB programs, and international families that needed global and solid educational practices, it was not the same world I'd been schooled for.  So I spent

16 January 2011

Writing Process Lesson

To:  Facutly MDA
Subject: Breakthrough in the writing process
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to share an anticipatory set I did with my fourth graders about the writing process, and in turn was quite successful! I invite you to either print out the points below and share this with your class, or have a conversation with them about the writing process as I did.

We talked about the writing process, starting with just this prompt:

15 January 2011

Lesson Plan - Jamaica Kincaid "Girl"

Miriam Butterman 
Cooperative Learning

Lesson plan: A four-corner debate on the short story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

 Grade Level 7-8-9

- Students will evaluate a character’s point of view based on voice, diction, and relationship to other characters.
- Students will infer how the author’s background contributes to her portrayal of the characters in the story.